Sample Child Custody Agreement For Unmarried Parents Uk

If they have parental responsibility, you will have a say in your children`s education, even if they no longer live with you. Your child`s biological father may be subject to a request for a parenthood declaration and, if successful, a child settlement order that provides for a relationship between the child and the child. Hello, I`m a single father who lives with his mother and our 2-year-olds. The mother says she has no connection to the child and says she hates her. Shes offered me a choice, either the child is leaving or I`m leaving! I could never let my child “go away”, but I don`t want to see her grow up without her mother, the mother is very down there all the time and it`s hard to see, I have no idea what to say or do around her. Any advice? Tomorrow we will publish the second part of this blog on the rights of single parents and we will look at the issue of finances. I am concerned about the future of fetuses, as she suffers from psychological episodes related to childhood trauma. The father in my child`s name is on the birth certificate also she has her last name, I tried to get my last name before she was one, but he wouldn`t let me accept it yet. I am my one-year-old daughter`s only supervisor and he sees her every week. He is very controlling and always was, he had threatened me with everything, including the discontent of my daughter, who was taken from me for no reason – just to scare me – he also attacked me twice seriously.

I want my daughter to have a good relationship with her father, but I want to have sole parental responsibility – he always used law and control to control everything around me and my daughter – personally, I want an injunction from her – I don`t want contact, but I know he wants to see his daughter, please help. Thank you for your comment Matthew. You should contact the office and make a first appointment so that we can discuss whether to make an urgent request for your child`s return. My 18 daughter discovered that she was pregnant after breaking up with a boy she had seen 8 weeks less than a year old.