Cedar Springs bottled water is drawn from its own private artesian well located east of Stanton Nebraska, not processed tap water.

A series of multiple filtrations and processing begins within our own facility.
Reverse osmosis, ultra-violet light, and ozonation are just part of the steps used to ensure a high quality product before bottling begins in our modernized facility.

All our 5 gallon returnable bottles are inserted into our top of the line bottling machine.  After the bottle is cleaned and disinfected, it automatically advances for filling and capping all within a positive air environment to ensure proper sanitation throughout the whole process.

Our bottled water is then loaded and delivered with a friendly Teeco smile. We offer home, business, and commercial bulk delivery to Stanton, Norfolk, Columbus, Wayne, Pilger, Wisner, Beemer, West Point, and all rural areas along our routes. Call us today to find out how easy and economical it is to get set up with your very own cooler and Cedar Springs drinking water in your home or business!