Teeco was founded in 1995 outside the town of Stanton, NE.  Originally the company began as a water equipment distributor.  In 1997 Teeco started distributing bottled water from various companies.  Due to the increased demand and ever growing customer base, in 1999 an acreage was purchased southeast of Stanton and Cedar Springs drinking water was founded.  The site was hand selected from several locations due to the natural purity of the groundwater and the level of the water table.  The area is located in a sand hill region which provides a natural filtration process before the bottling process even begins.

Throughout this time the lines of equipment changed to be able to evolve with all the technological revolutions within the industry.  As an independent dealer, if we see a product that is better, we are able to go with it rather than be held back to corporate standards.  From the beginning we have been able to provide equipment that can resolve any water problems that other companies wouldn’t even touch.  Such problems like nitrates, iron, gasses, and any odors could be taken out with a complete understanding of the problem and the proper blend of various medias.  We’ve always taken pride in our ability to do it better and cheaper than the other guys.
In 2008 we began offering a unique line of innovative water quality solutions.  The response from our many satisfied customers has been enthusiastically positive.   We custom build each and every one of our water conditioning units based solely on each individual customers own particular wants and needs.  So you see we are not your normal water conditioning company.  Contact us today to set up a free look at what your very own customized water conditioning unit can do for you and your family.